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Rules for the forum

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Rules for the forum Empty Rules for the forum

Post  FF3710Freak on Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:07 am

Just some rules about this studio ^^

1. Be nice, any mean comments will be removed
2. No foul comments or topics please?
3. Feel free to create new topics about stuff, just make sure its in the right sections! If there isnt a section for what you want just ask!
4. Have fun!
5. NO SPOILERS!!! if you want to talk about something spoilerish use a spoiler tag!!
Spoiler tags are [ spoiler ] without the space [ / spoiler ]
So get rid of the spaces and put the spoiler between ;D
(Not too single anyone out but i think Chrissy is planning on reading Pandora Hearts so absolutely NO spoilers without tags for that cos spoilers are IMMENSE!)

Thats about it ^^ On here we can vote for songs for MEPs and such. Its also easier to communicate between everyone on a forum, and everyone can get to know each other! ^^

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